Herro Warudo!


Konnichiwa Sekai! Or as to not confuse non-Japanese readers, “Hello World!”.

This is evidently my first post on this new blog, tentatively named ほんだい (Nihon Daisuki i.e. I Love Japan) for lack of any idea for an impromptu blog title. Hosted at jp.nishant.me, once again the “jp” being a quickie sub-domain, not being able to come up with a better short one.

The purpose of this blog is to simply share my Japanese language learning process, not necessarily meant to be a systematic training to be followed, as well as links or images that I come across, to help you grasp concepts easily and in a more fun manner than formal lessons. As I am presently getting myself acquainted with Kanji(s), you might see more of that.

While I plan to take JLPT some day, I personally do not stick to only the N5 syllabus for my learning process. I get into whatever fascinates me from all the Japanese that I read watch or listen to, especially those Kanji that commonly occur, but don’t necessarily appear in the JLPT syllabus until way ahead in N3, or further. My level of understanding as of now are all the Hiragana and Katakana characters, a few 30-40 Kanji and beginner level vocabulary and grammar. So feel free to correct me wherever if you’ve got a better understanding of the subject. I’m also adding Furigana wherever possible, to help fellow aspiring novice learners comprehend my posts more easily.

That said, thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope to keep a habit of posting more often here, as compared to my personal blog.

どうぞ よろしくおねがいします!


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