Meal Times


はん (Gohan) is the word for cooked rice ( for uncooked rice). However, since it is an essential part of Japanese cuisine, it is also used to mean a meal. The ~ is honorific and is rice, however  used informally is read めし (Meshi) and not just “han”, without the   prefix.

あさはん ・ あさめし
Breakfast / Asagohan / Asameshi

(Asa) means morning. So morning + meal = breakfast.

Lunch / Hirugohan / Hirumeshi

(Hiru) means noon.

ばんはん ・ばんめし
Dinner / Bangohan / Banmeshi

(Ban) means evening/night.

Side note: The “go” in gohan originally has the Kanji , however we can use the Hiragana due to avoid complexity.

Read more on gohan vs. meshi usage on StackExchange.

Read about honorific usage in the Japanese language over here.

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