Passed JLPT N5!




ハ~イ!\(^o^)/ 漢字かんじ得意とくいですが、文法ぶんぽう聴解ちょうかい苦手にがてです。 (/ _;)
でも、頑張がんばります!٩( •̀ω•́ )ﻭ

Yes, scores are pretty bad! But this was my first attempt, with only around two weeks of serious preparation and no formal coaching, so passing itself was an unexpected surprise. ^^ To read a detailed story on my experience with the test, click here for a post on my personal blog. Might help those who are going to take their first JLPT in the future.


Having done with N5, I’m going to attempt the N4 this December. I might possibly fail to finish preparation within just 3 months, but taking the test is going to motivate me to keep learning and not get too lazy with Nihongo. I shall try to update this blog more frequently as well. ^^


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